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Are inflatables safe?

Many people ask us this and the short answer is YES, of course, they're safe. But let's delve into this a bit. How safe you are out on the water really depends on how you treat your equipment, and how much you employ good common sense. While it is true that inflatables are not as tough as steel or fibreglass, they are a lot tougher than people tend to think. Try to imagine this perhaps absurd example - if you have a scalpel and deliberately stab an inflatable wall, then yes you will cause a puncture. Firstly, don't do this, it's counter-productive. But, in the unlikely event that you do get a puncture, you'll be pleased to know that most crafts - and certainly all the ones we have - have many chambers. So, you won't be left 'up the proverbial creek without a paddle'. You can rest assured that design contingencies are in place for your safety and protection. As we said before, the above is a silly example, but we use it to illustrate that even worst-case-scenarios can be overcome. 

It should be mentioned again that inflatables these days are built tough. There is a reason why they are still used by state and federal government marine authorities. If you look after your inflatable, your inflatable will look after you. 


Do your inflatables come with a warranty?

Of course, they do. The products we supply come with at least a 12-month warranty at a brand level. There are some of our brands that come with a 3-year warranty. Those details will be clearly visible on each product page. 


How about your store guarantee?

We stand by all of our products. But in the unlikely event that your product is damaged upon delivery, we will honour all warranty and store guarantees. Contact us straight away and we will endeavour to look after you. 

Further to our commitment to our customers - if you are unsatisfied with your recent purchase please contact us straight away. If you send it back to us within 30 days, and it is still unused and in its original packaging, then we'll refund you for the item promptly. Refer to our Returns Page for further information. 


What if I want to buy some accessories or some new parts?

That's fine. If we don't have the accessories you seek in our store, then please contact us and we will send you links to where you CAN get them. 


How do I pay?

We accept PayPal and we also take credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Amex. We even accept ZipPay for those who would like to pay in nice easy installments. 


Do you have a retail store?

As an online-only store, we do not have a 'brick & mortar' store. We do this for a number of reasons. Firstly, we are able to give better prices to you by operating without a storefront. Storefronts require rent, electricity, rates, property insurance and instant coffee. It all adds up, and to cover these expenses usually its the customers that pay a premium. Our store has done away with such unnecessary expenses. Instead, we have great relationships with our suppliers who will ship your order directly from their warehouses. This method ensures better prices for you and less 'handling' of your new purchase. You can expect your item to be at your doorstep with 5-7 working days from your initial purchase.