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5 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an Incredible Sport

by David Kaff

5 Reasons Why Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an Incredible Sport

A buddy of mine told me a story recently: he saw an uninhabited island with an old lighthouse on it not too far off the coast close to where he lived. He really wanted to go there and check it out.

It was too far to swim. He could’ve rented a boat, but that would have been expensive and taken time.


Enter the stand up paddle board

He and a friend took some borrowed inflatable paddle boards out and made some of their best memories ever getting to that island. They explored the neglected island and lighthouse, as well as the beautiful surrounding reef. It was adventurous, but not unsafe, and took strength, but was still really enjoyable.

Stand up paddle boarding as a sport has really taken off in the last decade. They offer so much in terms of relaxation, fun, exercise, and group activities. Freedom Inflatables has a great selection of leisure and racing inflatable SUPs because we believe in all the possibilities this activity has to offer. Here's 5 reasons why we think stand up paddle boarding is one of the best sports out there:

1. It's a Killer Workout

The most enjoyable workouts are the ones in which you don't realize you're working out, right? Stand up paddle boards offer just that. You can burn an average of 600 calories per hour with a SUP (depending on your physical profile). 600 calories! Jogging for the same amount of time only burns an estimated 400 calories. And stand up paddle boarding is so much more fun than jogging, or even swimming.

It's called an all-body workout because most of the muscles in your body are activated during it, including your abs, deltoids, biceps, and lats. So if you are cross training or looking for an alternative to hitting the gym and doing weightlifting, stand up paddle boarding is a fantastic sport to try. Because it requires balance, it's also great for your core and legs, without being too difficult for beginners.

2. It's Versatile for All Types of People

Paddle boarding can be done on the ocean, lakes, canals, or really any body of water, whether you want still water or to tackle some choppiness. So that means it's super accessible, even if you don't live on the coast. It can be done alone or in groups as a social activity.

Plus, both adrenaline junkies and small children can be comfortable and challenged on an SUP. Because it is a low impact sport and easy on joints, senior citizens or those with joint injuries can have fun with the sport too.

Our Freedom Inflatable SUPs are great because they offer the most lightweight, practical way to store and transport a paddle board. All of our models come with a backpack and air pump, plus we have boards that can also be converted for windsurfing. And these aren't skimpy pool toys, either - they're super durable and meant to last, so you'll have minimal upkeep but years of enjoyment with them.

3. It Blasts Away Stress

Getting out on the water is such a peaceful activity. Establishing a rhythm while paddling really relaxes your mind and body, and you can refresh from the worries of everyday life.

And you can always be personally establishing and meeting goals on your board, whether it's just getting to where you can stand up and balance, or wanting to build up to being able to take on some serious waves. Even just gliding out and sitting down for a few minutes can do wonders to clear your mind.

For a real challenge in mental and physical strength, one trendy, popular activity is yoga paddle boarding. Participants paddle out to a calm area and then do their yoga session on their boards for the ultimate in zen and balance. It's a playfully mindful activity made so much nicer with the outdoor surroundings and sun shining on your face while you practice yoga.

4. Jump on and Go

While it would be helpful to get some techniques from an experienced paddle boarder, really anyone can get on a board and figure it out.

Because you can control your speed, newbies need not be intimidated with feeling out of control. And with the ability of whole families enjoying the sport, with smaller children sitting while mom or dad paddles, it encourages inclusion and a social factor with few barriers to going out.

And all you need to get started is a board and paddle, both of which you can get in one purchase from Freedom Inflatables. They're a minimalist's dream, easy to set up and get started.

Once you become addicted to SUPing, and you probably will, you can check out options in competitive races. They usually include both distance and sprint races and give competitors a chance to show off both their technical skill and endurance. Teams go from city to city, or between islands, or down long rivers - so many interesting races are out there. Most of the races include amateur categories for those who are just starting out, too.

5. Experience a Panoramic View

On an inflatable SUP, the advantage is that you have a great view of your surroundings. You can check out your landscape, nature's sights and sounds or a city skyline. What's more, you can see what's going on beneath you, which is awesome if you're in clear tropical waters and can check out schools of fish and sea creatures underneath your board. If you're lucky, maybe you can even see a shipwreck below!

Paddle boards allow the whole family to get up close and personal with animals and surrounding vegetation.

So if you're on the fence about trying out stand up paddle boarding, hopefully I've convinced you it's well worth the effort. There are so many benefits to this new exciting sport, which is one of the fastest growing in the world. Many people are turned on to the way it gives you a workout without knowing it, promotes a restful mentality, and offers ease of access. Make the plunge and get inspired today with an inflatable stand up paddle board.

David Kaff
David Kaff


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